Stem Cell Club has developed a comprehensive training program for stem cell donor recruiters, which includes modules, videos, and a workshop. Over 1800 volunteers have completed training with these materials (as of September 2020). Our club trains students to advocate for patients in need of stem cell transplant, and to develop leadership and teamwork skills. We instruct volunteers to secure informed consent and to identify and correct medical errors.

1Volunteering at a Stem Cell DriveThis module is required to volunteer at one of our stem cell drives
2Leading a Stem Cell DriveThis module is required to be a leader at a stem cell drive, and to staff the reconciliation station
3Organizing a Stem Cell DriveThis module is required to plan a stem cell drive from start (pre-event tasks) through to finish (post event tasks)
All Stem Cell Drives need to be organized by a club exec who has completed this module
4Launching and Leading a Stem Cell Club ChapterThis module is required for presidents and all senior/founding club leaders at each chapter
5Combined Blood and Stem Cell DrivesThis module provides guidance for any chapters who run (or wish to run) combined blood and stem cell drives. It is useful for all volunteers who participate in those drives.

Volunteer Training Videos

Stem Cell Club has filmed a set of videos outlining what the volunteer needs to do at each station of our stem cell drive.

Note that these videos are not a substitute for completing the modules and post-module quizzes!

TikTok Training Videos

This tutorial walks through the steps of creating a donor recruitment TikTok.

Executive Training Workshop

If a club leader wants to run stem cell drives entirely on their own (i.e. without a Canadian Blood Services Staff), they need to reach out to Stem Cell Club director Warren Fingrut at, to arrange a time to complete the executive training workshop together.

Club leaders need to demonstrate that they possess the required skills before they can run drives independently.

Executive Training PDF