Stem Cell Drive Supplies

Find forms, checklists, and educational resources to run a stem cell drive here.

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Keep these on-hand at drives so volunteers at each station know what needs to be done.

  1. Prescreening
  2. Redirect Donors to Help in Other Ways
  3. Informed Consent
  4. Registration
  5. Swabbing
  6. Reconciliation and Final Paperwork

Checklist Package

Informed Consent

Informed consent is of the upmost importance when recruiting stem cell donors and especially in the retention of stem cell donors. Use these resources to help in explaining the stem cell donation procedures and the stem cell registry to potential donors.

Black male undergoing stem cell donation from bloodBlack male undergoing stem cell donation from bone marrow

Informed consent diagrams

OneMatch Information for New Registrants

Forms to Download

Other forms you will need to run a drive

Registrant Data SheetConfidentiality StickersVolunteer Confidentiality Form
Stem Cell Drive Outcomes TallyReconciliation LogVolunteer Sign-in Form
Tracking Log

FedEx Waybill Demo

How to ship your donor swab kits after the drive

FedEx Waybill Demo

Additional Links

Post-Event Report

Online Volunteer Confidentiality form