Conference Poster Presentations

Why We Swab

Development of

an Infographic


Development of

a Whiteboard Video

A Checklist to Guide Stem

Cell Donor Recruitment

Development of an Online

Training Program for

Stem Cell Drive Recruiters

Development of Stem Cell

Donation Procedure

Diagrams to Facilitate

Informed Consent

Redirecting Ineligible

and Non Optimal

Stem Cell Donors to

Help in Other Ways

Securing Informed Consent

at Stem-Cell-Drives

Stem Cell Club Training

Resources: A Needs

Assessment Survey

The Stem Cell Club:

Modelling Stem Cell

Donor Recruitment on


The Stem Cell Drive:

A Model for Stem

Cell Donor Recruitment

Characterizing commitment

and knowledge of stem cell

donors following initial recruitment

Development of a Multimedia

Library to Support

Stem Cell Donor Recruitment

Development of

a Series of

Training Videos

for Stem Cell

Donor Recruiters


The Mock

Stem Cell Drive

Validation of an Online Training

Program for Stem

Cell Donor Recruiters


Anatomy of a

Stem Cell Drive

The Need for Ethnically

Diverse Stem Cell Donors

Top of the World

Stem Cell Drive


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The Stem Cell Club: A Model for Unrelated Stem Cell Donor Recruitment. Transfusion 2017; 57 (12): 2928–2936. doi 10.1111/trf.14327